“Beware of Gods, Communists and beautiful women,” said the Chancellor

He was adored.

Winchester College and Oxford University beckoned and with calm ease, he drifted through both. Even a Stanford MBA he grasped with the settled relaxation of a man whose destiny had been written by his God; Brahma.


Crabs, Covid and the Art of War

The seas of South Australia were warmed by the intense sun as they lapped the scorched sand of the beaches. In the shallows were the shadows of 800 million Spider Crabs drifting harmoniously in the tides of their life. They are there for…

Kingston has no choice if it wants to be proud of its housing

The Cambridge Estate is a mess. This is no reflection on the people who live there but we need to face the fact that generations of Councils and councillors have neglected to invest in the upkeep of the estate in a way that sought to improve the place Kingstonians live…

Kevin Davis

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