Engaging Kingston’s residents

Our neighbourhood system was introduced over twenty five years ago. Times change and the needs and habits of our residents and the Council have changed. They are now poorly attended meetings in part because they do not focus on the real needs of the community and more on the needs and structures of the Council.

Neighbourhoods need to be reformed so they become the real eyes and ears of the Council. Working with resident groups on projects not just holding meetings to take a decision.

  • We will build on the successful Kingston Conversation initiative and allow residents more opportunities to challenge and question the council leadership and engage with us, outside of our Council meetings, on important issues.
  • We will establish a Neighbourhood Reform Group to come up with proposals for the future role of neighbourhoods and the role of Councillors in developing Councillors as Community Leaders, not chairs of committees.
  • We will change the way in which residents contact the Council, moving to a more self service approach adopted in business. We will introduce a new website and “The Kingston Card” as platforms for that engagement.
  • We will invest yet more money into community safety and work with the Safer Kingston Partnership to propose London’s first Burglary Protection Network to keep residents more in control through the use of enhanced Neighbourhood Watch communications networks and burglary prevention interventions