• We will introduce a presumption for new developments to have a car club sharing scheme as part of any new appropriate development.
  • We will work with the University to explore the introduction of a Borough wide street based bike hire scheme and we will install up to 300 new electric car charging points.
The new Queens Promenade riverside
  • All Council vehicles will be electric by 2020
  • We will speed up the conversion of all street lighting to LED and will explore the introduction of intelligent street lighting to reduce energy costs and provide safer streets. We will not be turning street lights off at night to save money.
  • We will abolish all Penalty Charge Notices in car parks as we move to pay on foot
  • We will introduce smart car parks across the Borough that enable pre-booking and better space management
  • We will support the Government introduction of utility lane rental that charges for the amount of time a road repair takes and thus encourage faster completion of road works
  • We will work with local communities to explore the greater pedestrianisation of our district centres
  • We will complete the introduction of the £32m Healthy Streets programme and ensure we balance the needs of all road users and pedestrians. We will explore with residents how we review all the current schemes and deliver the next stages

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