Keeping Growth Appropriate

Protecting our greenbelt — Tolworth Court Farm

Kingston and London are growing and we need more homes to accommodate our children and grandchildren. In the past ten years our population has risen by 11% and is predicted to rise by another 34% by 2039. No one can tell whether these figures will be affected by BREXIT but if half these numbers were to come about Kingston will have a very much larger and more diverse population than today.

Kingston Conservatives are committed to a number of rules that will make growth appropriate, what we call the ‘Kingston Housing Deal’.

  1. Many new homes will need to be built but we reject the town cramming plans of the Mayor of London who is calling for the demolition of existing suburban detached and semi-detached homes and their replacement with mansion blocks.
  2. High house prices in Kingston mean that genuinely affordable homes can only be built by the Council and we will build more. To pretend that what the private sector builds as affordable homes is really “affordable” is a deception.
  3. We cannot build new homes if we do not get infrastructure and that includes new train capacity, a review of our bus and road network and new public service facilities such as schools and GP centres.
  4. We will not build on the green belt. There is enough brown land to accommodate London’s needs without this.
  5. We believe we need a new Design Guide (Design for Kingston) for the Borough against which all schemes must be measured. High quality design that respects the history and culture of the neighbourhoods of Kingston will be the key requirement for development.