Keeping Kingston Breathing

Kingston from Tolworth

It is Conservative Government policy to introduce new methods to improve our air quality.

  • Establish a Clean Air Council made up of local businesses, schools and residents groups to work with the University on researching a new approach to clean air policy in Kingston.
  • We will work with the Mayor to speed up the pledge to remove diesel taxis and buses from our Borough and to extend the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to cover all of London
  • We will use planning policy to ensure that all new buildings are as ‘green’ as possible and contribute to reducing and improving emissions
  • We will install up to 300 new electric car charging points. However, the motor industry is building a range of innovative new green vehicles and this means we need to consider carefully what will be the infrastructure necessary to support them. We will explore electric vehicle charging, but also how we can support hybrid vehicles and the emerging hydrogen powered vehicles. All Council vehicles will be electric by 2020.
  • Street trees can significantly contribute to cleaning our air. On taking office in 2014 we discovered the Lib Dems had left us 2,500 empty street tree locations. We will commit to replacing all those trees in the next four years.