Our residents tell us that one of the most important things for them is keeping our streets clean. Our new recycling scheme ensured that all paper was enclosed in lidded bins and not in open bags — this cut down on street litter. Our “Clean Sweep” campaign will target how we can maintain the Borough as one of the best places in London to live.

  • We will complete the roll out of our new ‘intelligent’ street bins which inform us when they are full enabling us to better target resources when it is needed.
  • We will step up the street enforcement of littering and dog fouling that we introduced in 2016.
  • We will support the Government plans to double fines for littering
  • We will review our street cleansing contract to target clean hot spots.
  • We will examine any further simplification of our roadside bin collections and recycling to encourage greater participation
  • The Government have recently announced new powers for Councils that will enable us to better target fly-tipping and issue fines. We will implement these fully.