We have made great strides in the past four years in investing in our parks, playgrounds, planting more trees and increasing our recycling rates, but there is a lot more to do.

  • Planting the Trees the Lib Dems cut down — there are currently 2,500 tree pits across the Borough that were cut down by the Lib Dems and never replaced. We will commit to replacing all those trees in the next four years.
  • We will support local streets that wish to adopt their verge and wayside gardens. We will work with local garden suppliers to supply discounted bulbs for street verge planting.
  • Community Parks fund — We will set up a fund so that local groups and residents can make applications for seed funding of local planting schemes for parks and wayside gardens
  • We have seen a huge transformation in our parks and pavements, regenerating playgrounds and tidying up our parks. We will introduce a second phase of our successful Parks and Pavements scheme, prioritising improvements to children’s play equipment and making our pavements safer. We will work with local residents to understand how we can better spend money improving their streets.
  • We will aspire to being a Zero waste council and target the elimination of single-use plastic within the Council by 2020.
  • We will build on the improvements we have made to recycling and make further changes to our doorstep collection scheme to achieve this. Our ambition is to be the greenest borough in London (we are currently number 2).

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