Keeping Kingston's cultural and leisure offer

We have supported the theatre as it has transitioned away from being subsidised. We have supported the introduction of Creative Kingston that will take a role in the enhancement of all arts within Kingston and specifically promote more public art, support a Kingston Festivals movement and build community capacity for engagement through the arts

  • We will build two new swimming pools and take action on our recent indoor sports strategy that envisages four pools; Kingston, New Malden, Tolworth and Chessington.
  • We will support the Introduction of a new “Design for Kingston” policy document for the Borough that will ensure we enhance the design standard and styles of our new buildings. This will allow us to preserve the inherent merits of each of our district centres.
  • The Conservative council has allocated funding for a new Museum for Kingston. We will complete the Saxons and Kings Museum and also open a new Muybridge study centre to make clear Kingston’s role in the history of cinematography. This is an important part of maintaining the culture and heritage of the Borough in a time of significant growth and change.
  • Our libraries have been a great success since the extensive funding we put in place. We will now further improve the libraries so they offer a range of council services away from the Guildhall and better integrate into other public services including consideration of the Police co-locating their ward teams.
  • We will become a Festivals Borough and establish a Borough wide Festival committee to better coordinate events in both the Town and district centres.
  • We will seek to enhance ‘Kingston at night’ as we move away from a solely nightclub led culture to one that is more focused on theatre, live music and the needs of the growing numbers of town centre residents. We will support the opening of a new auditorium in The Regal development by the private sector and the exploration of a new live music venue.
  • We will expand our sports facilities at the David Weir Stadium and look at what can be provided in Tolworth for a new shared sports and football facility.
  • We will continue to expand the use of Crowdfunding for small projects across the Borough of an artistic or environmental nature.
  • We will expand our internationalist agenda by linking the Borough with culturally significant parts of the world whose communities reside in Kingston. These links will help to provide Kingston business and infrastructure investment
  • We will complete the Gloriana Project and establish a new home for the Queen’s Royal Barge
  • 2018 marks the centenary of the introduction of the RAF. We will support a permanent memorial to Kingston’s Aircraft Industry, working with local people and national bodies to honour the contribution Kingston made to the foundations of the aircraft industry

Kingston homes for Kingston workers

Providing more homes for those who work in Kingston needs to be a priority. We have established a new Council owned development company whose role will be to provide an initial 300 new Key Worker Homes for teachers, hospital workers and other public servants.