Kingston homes for Kingston residents

Years of neglect and slow house building led to a glut of inappropriate development under the last Lib Dem Council — mainly student housing. Their cumulative failure means our housing target, set by the Mayor, has increased significantly. However, despite our desire for new housing we will resist the Mayor’s proposal of a two for one on the demolition of detached and semi detached homes.

  • On all schemes over 100 homes we will seek to ensure that for the first 6 months of sales only Kingstonians can buy — no overseas investors
  • Existing Kingston residents and their families will get a higher priority on Council house waiting lists
  • We have started the regeneration of the Cambridge Road Estate. As well as providing more Council homes on the Cambridge Road Estate we will bring forward other housing estates to provide many more higher quality Council homes for current and older residents.
  • We will digitise the Council repairs service so it provides more efficiency to the system of repairs and gives a higher quality of service than currently.
  • We will reduce the Council house waiting list.
  • To support our growing older population we will begin a transformation project to regenerate all sheltered housing and build a new high dependency dementia care home